class A - prestigious premises located in business centers and new office complexes. Such buildings are of high quality finishing and equipped with the latest technology.
Class A, in turn, is divided into subclasses: A1, A2 and A3. Differences in the equipment of the building with additional amenities, so in contrast to subclass A1, subclass A2 may not have a restaurant.

class B - may be located in new or newly reconstructed and converted buildings. Class A offices after 5-7 years of operation belong to this class. These offices are not so prestigious and not as well equipped as Class A offices. They may not have a central air-conditioning system or, for example, parking can be located in the open air

Class C is premises, not intended for office activities. In such a room, there is usually no modern ventilation system, high-quality communication and central air-conditioning. Class C assumes a limited set of services: telephone, Internet access, heating in the cold season. Offices of this class are optimal for small firms.

class D - are located in buildings with outdated engineering communications, wooden ceilings, lack of specialized life support services. As a rule, it is these premises that need major repairs.

Class G1 (our classification) - D-class  buildings that do not require renovations of the outer walls, roof and windows.

Class G2 (our classification) - D-class  buildings that require renovations of the outer walls, roof and windows.