Lifting platform DINO 210 XT for rent

Price: 95 euro per day + VAT
Discounts for long term rental.
Delivery in Riga: 40 Euro (one-way) +  VAT
Lease contract



Maximum work height 21.0 m

Maximum platform height 19.0 m

The maximum radius of 11.7 m

The angle of rotation of the boom solid

Rotate platform 90 °

Bearing width 4.30 m

Transport width 1.92 m

Transport length 7.88 m

Transport height 2.18 m

Weight 2 440 kg

Maximum permissible load capacity 215 kg

Maximum number of people + load 2 people + 55 kg

Maximum permissible lateral load (created by people) 400 N

Maximum lateral tilt (chassis) ± 0.3 °

Maximum wind force at work 12.5 m / s

Minimum ambient temperature during operation - 20 ° C

Platform size 0.7 x 1.3 m

Detailed instructions and operating rules can be found HERE.

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