"RCPF" Company

Our company - a private enterprise founded in March 1995. In 2017 we celebrate 22 years birthday.


Chemicals production, packaging

The beginning of our ascent was the invention of building adhesives MAG and GAMMA-8 in 1990. Clay gave rise to our production building and car chemicals which continues to this day. We manufacture solvents, mastics, putties, antifreeze, and doing packing of various chemicals.


Wholesale trade and transit of liquid chemicals

In 1996 we built the first store to drain liquid chemicals, which we poured into the tanks arriving by rail. Today we have 20 tanks, each a capacity of 64 m3 for draining of liquid chemicals. We have experience in the resale of chemicals with unloading and filling in any container, or without them, the transit by rail, unloaded or loaded onto ships. We have connections with manufacturers of chemicals and their customers in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.


Wholesale trade of building materials and auto-goods

We are distributors of siding Slovvinyl. Roofing mastics, solvents, Antifreeze and other products of our manufacture is one of the region most popular We produce products from the bitumen. One of our most popular products is bituminous roofing mastic-based solvents. 


Retail trade of building materials and auto-goods 

In 2000 we opened our first store building Celtnieka Paligs (assistant builder) c complete range of building materials and automotive products. Our goal is to create a chain of stores based on our wholesale and expanding its range 


Real estate

We offer for sale and rent 194.1 м2 of offices, 18101.43 м2 of warehouses and manufacturing areas, 5056 м2 of land.

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